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The collaboration between Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and LessonLab enables a fascinating and concrete way to learn project management

LessonLab aims to produce memorable and game-changing learning experiences that help learners truly internalize project management in practice. We support the learning of project management especially with various research-based educational games, which simulate decision-making situations in project management and thus allow the practice and testing of learned skills in practice.

Our collaboration in educational games and project management with Vaasa University of Applied Sciences expands our offering of learning solutions in the sector of universities of applied sciences and also enables the development of new learning solutions that meet current learning needs and objectives.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) provides high-quality and comprehensive teaching in project management and continuously develops and innovates its teaching so that the content also meets practical needs and challenges. The university aims to integrate into its teaching learning solutions that make the theory of project management come alive and enable the practical training of skills. LessonLab’s project management games met this need excellently. The gamification element was also seen to inspire students towards challenge-based action.

At VAMK, we are encouraged to use Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach in our engineering studies. PBL empowers students to actively engage with their learning process by applying acquired knowledge to real-world challenges. By engaging students into interactive games, we create as realistic as possible simulation of project activities that mirror the challenges faced by project professionals. This dynamic approach not only enhances their problem-solving skills but also equips them with the adaptability needed to succeed in complex project environments.

The concrete collaboration between LessonLab and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences in the field of project management education began in February 2024 with joint planning on how to integrate project management learning solutions into the existing project management teaching. The games have been used as part of course Special aspects in project and process management, with a particular goal to enhance student learning related to project schedule, cost, and risk management. The collaboration in teaching sessions has been fruitful and inspiring, and the teachers found the use of these solutions to be a concrete and useful way to enliven teaching and to concretize the partly abstract aspects of project management in practice.

The primary focus of the course ‘Special Aspects in Project and Process Management’ at VAMK is a case study approach. We explore various business scenarios, emphasizing the critical roles of risk management and project schedules. Additionally, we highlight how project planning is integral to all activities and underscore the importance of proper business processes in building resilient systems. The LessonLab game simulations provide an engaging and attractive package, allowing students to gain cognitive learning experiences in a real-world context. Positive feedback has also been received from students.

The collaboration is planned to expand to other courses and teaching modules, and there are also plans to develop new game content that would specifically focus on the management of green transition projects. Developing new teaching applications, especially related to sustainable project management, is particularly close to the heart of those at LessonLab.


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