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Team and story

We want to revolutionize the world of management and leadership education and training by providing solutions that integrate the latest technology and research-based knowledge.

LessonLab Vision

We are passionate about delivering the best learning experiences to support our learners’ growth. Our vision is to transform the traditional delivery of management and leadership education and training by providing meaningful and impactful learning experiences. We are dedicated to continuously improving our products and services with cutting-edge technology and research-based knowledge. Our goal is to become the leading provider of innovative solutions that drive learner success and organizational growth.

Meet the Team at LessonLab

We are a team of dedicated and highly seasoned academic professionals. Our distinctive team brings together more than 70 years of experience in delivering research- and technology-driven management and leadership education and training. Our team members have active and distinguished roles in academia, contributing to over 200 peer-reviewed research publications in leading management and leadership journals. Furthermore, we bring to the table extensive hands-on experience in management and leadership across various industries.

Dr. Perttu Dietrich, CEO
Jere Lehtinen
Dr. Jere Lehtinen, COO
Jaakko Kujala
Dr. Jaakko Kujala, Technology Development
Kirsi Aaltonen
Dr. Kirsi Aaltonen, Sales and Marketing
Tuomas Ahola
Dr. Tuomas Ahola, Product Development
Miska Visuri
Miska Visuri, Business Development and Administration

Perttu Dietrich

Perttu is enthusiastic on leading and developing businesses. He has over 10 years’ experience in several director and management positions in Finnish and international companies. As our CEO, Perttu is responsible for business development.

Jere Lehtinen

Jere is passionate about games, engineering management, and teaching. As a Visiting Researcher at Aalto University, Finland, he has nearly 10 years of experience in engineering management education and research. Jere has developed numerous game-based and research-oriented solutions for both corporate training and higher education. As our COO, he oversees the services and operations.

Jaakko Kujala

Jaakko has a passion for creating immersive and engaging learning experiences that drive real results. He is a Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management at University of Oulu, Finland, where his research is focused on simulation and modelling in project context. At LessonLab, Jaakko is responsible for technology development.

Kirsi Aaltonen

Kirsi works as an Associate Professor of Project Management and Complex Systems at University of Oulu, Finland. She has over 15 years of experience in management education, research and training. She has both researched and seen in practice the impact that innovative solutions can have on student engagement and learning. At LessonLab, Kirsi is responsible for sales and marketing.

Tuomas Ahola

Tuomas is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University, Finland, with over 15 years of experience in management education, research, and training. At Lessonlab, Tuomas is in charge of product development.

Miska Visuri

Miska has over 16 years of experience in running both international software and service businesses. Miska brings a unique vision to our team. At LessonLab, Miska is responsible for business development and administration.

In addition to our core team, we are supported by Ludocraft, a media company which combines technology, psychology, art and interaction into seamless user experience.

The LessonLab Story

LessonLab is a spin-off company from University of Oulu, Finland. Our concept is research-based and has been developed over the years based on our insights into effective learning and latest advancements in educational technology.

Our innovative solutions began as board games. They have been driven by a passion to make management and leadership education and training engaging and motivating by offering learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice in a context that reflects the reality and content they are expected to face in real life. Our ideas and solutions were further developed in a Business Finland-funded research-to-business project (R2B), during which we published several peer-reviewed research articles on the benefits our concept offers. You can read more about our peer-reviewed research below:

Game-based learning in project sustainability management education

Game-based learning and students’ motivation in project management education

Teachers’ experiences of using game-based learning methods in project management higher education

A game-based learning method to teach project management–the case of the earned value management

During the R2B project, hundreds of educators, students, trainers, and professionals worldwide tested and implemented our innovative solutions. We conducted over 70 different pilots and implementations globally. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, helping us continually improve our offerings and ultimate found LessonLab.