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Education and training simulations for management and leadership areas that integrate the latest developments in educational technology and research-based knowledge.

Our solutions – enhanced learning

LessonLab offers two types of learning solutions, each built around specific learning objectives and a simulation that uses the latest technological developments such as Game-based Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  1. Readymade solutions
  2. Tailored solutions


Readymade solutions

  • – Game- and AI-based simulations for general education and training needs
  • – Designed for training companies and higher education institutes
  • – Includes a simulation and tutorial
  • – Comes with comprehensive supporting digital resources
  • – Possibility for facilitation and implementation services
  • – Easy-to-use in different settings

Learn more about our readymade solutions here.

Tailored solutions

  • – Organization-specific simulations for customized education and training needs
  • – Includes modelling of real-life processes and behavior in the organization’s own context
  • – Utilizes AI- and Game-based technologies
  • – Facilitated learning experience in which real-life phenomena are simulated
  • – Comes with comprehensive supporting digital resources for collecting learnings and developing best practices
  • – Facilitation and implementation services
  • – Integration into existing processes and systems

Learn more about our tailored solutions here.

If you are interested in our solutions, please contact us, and let us help you reach your learning goals today!