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For higher education

Immerse your students in a world of challenge, fun and personalized learning while acquiring valuable knowledge and skills. Our learning solutions make teaching and learning complex management and leadership phenomena easy. 

Learning Solutions for Higher Education

We believe that best learning outcomes can be achieved when education reflects the reality and content that students are expected to face in real-life. For this purpose, we offer a variety of easy-to-use learning solutions, each built around specific learning outcomes and a simulation that uses the latest technological developments such as Game-based Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The solutions…

  1. simulate real-world phenomena
  2. allow learners to put difficult management and leadership concepts into practice in a realistic environment
  3. accommodate both single-player and group gameplay, in synchronous and asynchronous mode
  4. fit all types of class settings such as on-site, online, hybrid, and independent study settings.

Our learning solutions can also be integrated into the services and products of training companies, improving their competitiveness and customer satisfaction. With training companies, we focus on strategic partnerships for mutual benefit and growth.

Read more about our partnerships here.

What Is Included in a Learning Solution?

Each learning solution includes various digital resources that you need for providing an authentic and engaging learning experience for your students. The resources are comprehensive, ensuring that you can implement the solution independently. Resources include the following:

  • – Simulation
  • – Tutorial to learn simulation mechanics and user interface
  • – Student materials (e.g., simulation instructions, tutorial video, case description, assignments)
  • – Teacher materials (e.g., teacher’s note, debriefing materials, simulation practicalities)
  • – Diagnostics and feedback

All our digital resources are accessed through web browser without the need for installing or downloading additional software.

Our Offering

Discover the details of our current learning solution offering:

Game-based management simulations

Agile Project Management
Scrum Master
Your task is to deliver new features to a customer’s intranet following agile principles.
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Essentials of Project Management
Project Manager
Your task is to minimize the total project costs by delivering the project as cost- and schedule-efficiently as possible.
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Project Portfolio Management
R&D Manager
Your task is to manage the company’s R&D project portfolio and optimize sales product portfolio value.
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Project Risk Management
Project Manager
Your task is to continuously analyze risks and uncertainties, and make decisions to efficiently deliver a high-quality project to the customer.
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Sustainability in Project Management
Project Manager
Your task is to design, build and operate a new production line by balancing environmental, social and economic sustainability.
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AI-based leadership simulations

Change Communication
Director of Sales & Marketing
Your task is to communicate the change to your global team and ensure their commitment to the change.
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Change Readiness Analysis
Your task is to diagnose the organization’s readiness for the change.
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We are constantly developing new learning solutions, so if you did not find what you were looking for, please contact us. We can customize our solutions to suit your needs.

Learning Solution Implementation

You can easily integrate our learning solutions into your teaching and use them independently, thanks to our comprehensive digital resources.

If you are using our solutions for the first time, we are here to help you with every step of the integration process, including learning design, implementation, and facilitation services. We naturally provide you full technical support.

For more information on our services, please contact us.

Scientifically Demonstrated Benefits

Our solutions are developed by academic professionals. Our research shows several benefits, including:

Effective Learning: enhances learning effectiveness, efficiency and engagement through practical application of knowledge and skills (experiential learning) in a realistic environment (cognitive and affective learning outcomes)

Generic Skill Development: fosters problem-solving, interpersonal skills, leadership and management competence, cross-cultural communication, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills

You can read more about our peer-reviewed research here:

Sustainability education
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Learn More
Students' motivation
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Learn More
Teachers' experiences
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Learn More
Earned value
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Learn More