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How do our learning solutions create value for our customers?

Prof. Alexander Kock, TU Darmstadt, Germany: The PM Game is a great new addition to our toolbox after having taught and updated this class for over 20 semesters. Having the students thrust into a simulation in which they have to keep track of various input streams to make informed project portfolio management decisions helps shift their perspective from simple theory repetition to actual knowledge transfer. 


Prof. Giorgio Locatelli, Politecnico di Milano, Italy: “The game “Project Portfolio Management” has been incredibly well received by my MSc students. They learned the practicalities in a few minutes and then really enjoyed it. Truly a great added value to any Master Module of Project Management.” 


Prof. Thomas Lechler, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA: “One of the biggest challenges in teaching project management  is to offer students practical experiences with monitoring and  controlling projects. It is a core responsibility of the project manager  during the implementation of a project. Currently, only very complicated  and lengthy simulations are available to give students practical  experiences to monitor and control projects. The project game offers  a great opportunity to overcome these shortcomings.

First, it is fun  for the students to play instead of running lengthy semester long  simulations. Second, it is very easy to integrate the game into the course syllabus. It does not take much time to explain. The game is very intuitive. Third, the game is flexible enough to customize the set-up for specific student groups.

The experiences of the participating students were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Learning by playing is a very convincing  value proposition. I recommend anybody who teaches project management  to consider the use of the project management game. It is easy to apply  and customize and it is easy to learn to play. Students will have fun memories with their project management course.” 


Senior Lecturer, Dr. Nader Naderpajouh, The University of Sydney, Australia: “The game-based learning experience was very useful to engage the students with the theoretical discussions on risk management. Students had a chance to experience the practical translation of the discussions in a virtual world and deepen their theoretical understanding of the concepts. Specifically, I used it few weeks before the end of the semester, to provide the opportunity for the students to engage theoretical concepts they have learned, and at the same time giving them a chance to reflect on their experience in the remaining weeks of the class.”