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Webinar: Exploring Project Portfolio Management – Demo & Insights with Professor Alexander Kock

LessonLab organized a 30-minute webinar on April 10, 2024 at 2 PM (CEST/UTC+2), focusing on exploring the game-based learning solution, Project Portfolio Management.

The webinar included:

  1. Introduction to LessonLab: Discover LessonLab’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that integrate the latest advancements in educational technology, research-based knowledge, and pedagogical expertise.
  2. Product Demo: Experience a live demonstration of our Project Portfolio Management learning solution.
  3. Customer Insights with Professor Alexander Kock: Hear from Professor Alexander Kock about his experiences in using LessonLab’s Project Portfolio Management solution. Discover why he chooses the solution and the benefits it brings to his teaching.
  4. Q&A at the end: Q&A ddressed by our host Jere Lehtinen, COO of LessonLab, and guest Professor Alexander Kock.


The webinar recording is available here



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