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Essentials of project management

Essentials of project management: Townhouse building project

Learning solution summary:

You have decided to build a townhouse for yourself, which is delivered to you as a prefabricated house delivery. You will act as a project manager for the project. In the project you need to balance project cost, schedule and quality, continuously monitor and control project progress, and manage project risks. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Utilize activity network calculation in the management of the project schedule 
  • Estimation of the project progress and application of earned value analysis in the estimation of total cost and time at completion  
  • Identify and assess risks and their effects as well as plan risk management responses​ 
  • Understand the implications of uncertainty and risks on project schedule and procurement management​ 
  • Calculate the project budget and understand the importance of contingency planning and management 

Game duration: 60 min

Key tasks and skills: Project cost and schedule management, project risk management