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Learning solutions

Learning solutions for higher education and corporate training. Immerse your learners in a world of challenge, fun and personalized learning while acquiring valuable knowledge and skills. Our learning solutions make teaching and learning complex management phenomena easy. 

Our offering

We offer a variety of easy-to-use, game-based learning solutions, each built around specific learning outcomes and a game played individually or in groups. The games illustrate real-world phenomena, allowing learners to put difficult concepts into practice in a realistic test environment. Our solutions are flexible and can accommodate both single-player and group gameplay, in synchronous and asynchronous mode, to meet the needs of your course, module, or organization.

What do we offer?

Our learning solutions portfolio is particularly focused on project management and project business knowledge. 

Discover our learning solution offering: 


What is included in a learning solution?

Each learning solution includes various digital resources that you need for providing an authentic and engaging learning session for your learners. Resources include the following: 

  • – official game(s)
  • – practice game(s) to learn game mechanics and user interface
  • – instructional video(s) 
  • – various student materials (e.g., game instructions, case description) 
  • – optional pre- and post-assignment materials
  • – comprehensive teacher materials (e.g., teacher’s note)
  • – comprehensive instructions (e.g., game session practicalities and debriefing materials). 

All our digital resources, including games, are accessed through web browser without the need for installing or downloading additional software!


How can you integrate our learning solutions into your teaching?

Our solutions are easy for educators to use independently and come with a comprehensive educator’s material package to support your implementation. We also provide you full technical and learning design support.

We’re here to help you with every step of the implementation process. If you’re new to game-based learning methods or using our solutions for the first time, we suggest taking advantage of our expert facilitation services. Our team members have extensive experience in all types of implementations, including on-site, online, hybrid classrooms, and independent study settings.

For more information on our facilitation and learning design services, please contact us


Want a free trial?

If you’re interested in trying one of our solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to give you a free demo and trial access to one of our solutions. 


Did not find what you were looking for?

Our tailored learning solutions cater to your specific educational and training needs. We can customize our solutions to suit a particular industry, company, or project context. Contact us to start planning your unique solution today.

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